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Hello friends! I’m back and ready for action! Did you miss me? I missed you! Sorry I have posted for a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time. I’m very busy. You can find me on the best app called Createrria. You make your own games and publish them in it! In that I’m Skelocraft and I if you guys do get the app or have it, comment on my latest game saying Hey! It’s me (And here is your wordpress name)! Stay tuned because I will later be making the book…The Minitaur Files. Bye! 😛

The 50-Eyed Monster

Yellow people of the world! 😛 It is me SkeloCraft, LTROCKS, mcfleury, L-Train, what ever you want to call me, here with a story. I wrote a chapter book. I sorta failed on the chapter book part because they usually go up to 20 chapters and mine has only 8-9 chapters. It is called: The 50-Eyed Monster. I have been working on it for a year? Yeah something like that, so don’t yell at me because it stinks. Here it is:

The 50-eyed Monster:
The Beginning
Chap. 1: The Starting of Chaos
Hi, my name is Leo. This is the story of how I met the 50-eyed monster.
Well, it all started in science class when I was doing an experiment with my lab partner George.
“We just mix in some of this…” said George “… and POW!!! We are done with my-OUR project.”
I looked at it and I picked it up. It was a rainbow colored liquid in a beaker.
“What are we going to do with… well this?” I said showing him the beaker.
“Because I said so.” he said “I’m in-charge of the project. You just watch and see the reaction when we present it.”
“Who put you in-charge of the project?”
“You did.” “What?”
Then I remembered when we got picked for partners. I said to George to make the project with me, but he wanted to do it himself and I couldn’t do anything so I let him.
“Ohhhhh…” I said.
“YES!!!” George said.
“What?” I said then I picked up the beaker.
“DON’T TOUCH IT!!!” said George trying to rip it out of my hands, then the rainbow colored liquid splashed George.

Chap. 2: Somethings weird…
When the liquid hit him it spattered on his face, but a drop of the liquid was still in the beaker, then the drop started growing larger and larger until it was 3/4 of an inch to the top.
“SORRY!!!” I said to George.
“sOrrY…” said George “SORRY?!?!”.
“Dude, what’s wrong with you?” I said.
George started breathing really hard, then George broke the window and ran all around.
My best friend, Ella, came over here.
“What was that?” she said.
“He had eight eyes…” I mumbled under my breath.
“What?” she said.
“Get Henry. I’ll get Sara.”

Chap. 3: The Team
Three of my best friends (Ella, Sara, and Henry) met me in the old janitor’s closet. We turned into a base the first day of the year.
“What was that?!” said Ella
“That was George.” I said
“What was George?” said Henry
“Was he the monster that interrupted the football game?” said Sara
“Uhhhh… Maybe” I said “did he jump out of the science classroom window and have eight eyes?”.
“First,” said Sara “I’m in 7th grade and you are in 8th. We have different science classrooms and he jump out of the 8th grade science classroom. Second, yes he did have eight eyes, but then he started growing more and started turning blue.”.
I was shocked by that news. “More eyes. Blue. Uh oh. This means we need…”

Chap. 4: The Triple Danger
The Triple Danger is Nick, Alex, and Xander. They are strong, courageous, curios, and if you are against them at anything that involves sports you should surrender or back out. How I learned that? Well, I learned it the hard way.
So, after I said “More eyes. Blue. Uh oh. That means we need…” I ran out of the janitor’s closet to go get The Triple Danger.
Nick was playing football with Xander, Alex, and other people.
“Nick, Alex, Xander we need you at the… Base.” I said to them.
“Ok then.” said Xander
“WAIT!” said Alex “What about our game?”
“It’s half time.” said Nick.
“K let’s get going.” said Alex.
I showed Alex and Xander to the base. I already showed Nick because he was my friend when we were 10 till when we were 13.
I told them about what happened to George (Chapter 1-Chapter 2) and Ella, Sara, and Henry told them what they saw.
“Man,” said Nick “That sounds… AWESOME!!!”
“I never knew George had that dark side and started wreaking buildings!!!” (Henry’s story) said Xander.
“We have to stop him!” said Alex.
“How bout with hockey…” said Xander
“What do you mean How bout with hockey?” said Henry.
“We take hockey sticks and pucks to be the crud out of people!” said Nick and he didn’t say crud he said the c-word and I don’t know about you but, I can’t say the c-word.
“Ok then…” I said.
“Vote for The Triple Danger to beat the crud (again not crud the c-word) out of George say I…” said Henry. “I!” said Sara, Nick, Alex, Xander, and Henry.
“I didn’t say I because that means we do nothing.” I said.
“I didn’t say I because that plan is dangerous.” Ella said.
“No,” said Nick “you guys can help just not with hockey sticks. We only have 3. And Ella don’t worry, we got this.
“Got it.” I said but didn’t mean it.
“Ok now that we got that figured out,” said Ella “When do we start?”
Then I said:
“We start at…”

Chap. 5: 9:00
So it was 8:30pm. (or 20:30 if you use army time) We gave the monster time to “be scared” as Henry put it. So we waited 30 minutes to go. We talked more about the plan to pass time. Then at 9 we all went to find the monster.
We found a wall with a whole in it and with a destroyed town behind it, so we headed in that direction.
It led us to a mountain touching the clouds.
“I know what this is!” said the “demigod” Sara. “It seems to be Mount Olympus.”
“Lets get climbing.” I said.
So, after a few minutes of climbing we were there. Sara was ahead of us because she was really excited. She got to the top and started waiting for us.
“I’m going jump up there!” said Henry and he did but there was like an invisible wall blocking him and he hit it and flew all the way to Old Man Pete’s pool which was far away and Pete didn’t like us so when he saw Henry it was ugly.
“What the HECK!!!” I said
“What was that?” said Sarah “I got up here fine!” We all tried getting up (but not jumping so we didn’t fly anywhere so we stayed on the mountain) but we couldn’t get up.
“This is to weird.” said Alex.
“Yay” said his brother Xander.
“I’m scared Leo.” said Ella with fright. She then held on to me.
“Sara can you tell us why that happened!” I said.
“Ok. I’ll look through my Greek Mythology books.” said Sara “I all ways keep them in my backpack because I love them!” We just stared at her. “What?” said Sara.
In an hour and a half, we got Henry back and…
“Hey guys I found out why we can’t get up.” said Sara.
“Why?!” we all said (except Sara [DUH!] because she is telling us why)
“Because only Gods and Demigods can come up.” said Sara “Unless a God allows you to come up. Then you can.”
“What are Gods and Demigods? said Nick
“What?!?!?!” said Sara
“I said what are what are Gods and Demig-”
“I know what you mean.”
“Then why did you say what?”
“Because I was shocked you didn’t know what Gods and Demigod are.”
“What are Gods and Demigods?”
“They are the best thi-”
I’m going to cut this part because it took a loooooooooooooooong time.
“And that’s why you should like Gods and Demigods. Oh, and Saytrs and Cyclopes and- OW!” said Sara. Because Nick punched her and pointed to someone.
“Whooooa…” Sara said.
“She’s so pretty…” said Nick. Then some of us looked at him.
“Ugh Jocks.” said the “someone” who was a girl. “My name is Kalli. I’m a Goddess. Only Gods and Demig- how did you get up here?” said Kalli to Sara.
“I don’t know?” Sara told Kalli.
“We’ll we will take you to the gods. They will determine if you are a Demigod.” said Kalli. “Why are you here?”
“We are trying to stop a giant multiple eyed monster from destroying everything.” I said.
“We’ll you can come up because our guard went of and chased him in that detection.” and Kalli pointed towards a room with wholes in it. “I bring you there.”
After minutes of us talking and walking we found him crushing the guards like cans.
“There he is.” I said “Don’t make any loud noise-”
“HEY BIG UGLY MONSTER!” said Nick banging a sword (I don’t know where he got it from) and his hockey stick together, “OVER HERE!”
“What are you doing!” said Ella.
“You are going to kill us!” said Sara.
“No I’m not.” said Nick “We are going to be fi-” but he was cut of by Ella screaming.
“AHHHHHHHHHH!” Ella screamed.
“ELLA!” I screamed. The 50-eyed Monster grabbed her and shook her.
Then again.
That got me angry.
“Give me that sword Nick.” I said to Nick taking a sword out of his hands.
I ran at the monster. “HEY GEORGE!” I said “LEAVE HER ALONE!” And I ran at him and cut his leg off and Ella fell from his grip. I took her from the floor and held her in one hand, the sword in the other.
Before I cut his leg of I noticed two things.
1. Kalli took Sara, Henry, Nick, Alex, and Xander away to go somewhere.
2. George the 50-eyed Monster now had fifty eyes, he was taller (about 20 feet tall), he was stronger, and he was bulkier.

~Multiple People (This Chapter is told by Henry to me but I fixed some of it and asked Sara, Xander, Nick, Alex, and Kalli what happened.)
“Hurry this way!” said Kalli “Before the monster finds us!” They hid in a room with all these pictures in it. “We are going to see if you are a demigod.” said Kalli to Sara.
After 5 minutes they started going somewhere.
“Where are we going?” said Xander with a empty mind.
“You’ll see.” said Kalli.
In another 5 minutes they were at an AMAZING room.
“The gods…” said Sara then she passed out but Henry caught her.
When they got Sara up Kalli said to the gods:
“Gods of Olympus this girl” Kalli pointed to Sara “entered Mount Olympus by herself. We came here to see if she is mortal.”
“Well,” said the powerful Zeus “she seems to be immortal because of that. Anyone know her?”
For a few seconds there was no noise except whispering and then…
“Sarafina?” said a voice. It was Ares.
“How do you know me?” said Sara.
“I’m you father.” said Ares. Then Sara stood there paralyzed for a few seconds then she ran up and hugged Ares.
“Wow!” said Henry “She’s a demigod?”
“Yes” said Kalli “And she’s my sister.”

Chap. 7: Battle
He fell on the side of his cut off leg while purple ooze gushed out of it.
The monster screamed and then a new left leg grew back. The other just sat on the ground. He then glanced from his leg to us and screamed again (in our faces this time) and went to hit me, but I jumped out of the way. He did it again and again and again, then he tried kicking us but I jumped to the back of the room. Trapped! Dang! He went to punch me and Ella but before he could I threw Ella out of my hands. He then punched me. I was out like a light. The sword hit the ground. He then punched me again and again and again until, “NOOOOOOOOOOO!” He turned his head to Ella who then ended her screaming and then said in a soft voice “Leo.”

Chap. 8: Father
I HAVE FOUND MY FATHER!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!! Finally, after all these years of not seeing him, I find him. And he is a GOD!!!!!!!
“So Ares, your Sara’s father?” Henry asks.
“Yes. Of course I am,” he tells Henry and then looks over at me. “I saw you at gym playing fencing and dodgeball. You rock!”
“Thanks dad,” I say with a smile.
“And I see you have met your sister Kalli,”
“She’s my sister? AWESOME!!!!!!”
Then we started all started talking. Ares, myself, Kalli, Xander, Henry, Nick, Alex, Aphrodite, Athena, Apollo, Demeter, Poseidon, Zeus, and everyone else. We all forgot about the giant monster in the other room.

Chap. 9: Death?
After getting smacked by George, I…well…how do I put this…uh…died. I went to the underworld. And cried. I missed Ella. I missed Henry and Sara. I missed my parents. I missed everyone. And then I saw Hades. We talked a bit. This is our conversation:
“Hello Leo and welcome to the Underworld. I saw you battle that monster,” Hades told me.
“Uh…yeah,” I say trying to hide tears.
“I see you miss Ella,” He said.
“How do you know?” I ask him.
“Well, this might be too much on you, but I’m your father.”
I was paralyzed. Father?! What?! I don’t understand anymore.
I’m gonna skip a bit, but I found out I can bring people back from the dead. Even myself. That got me happy.
But before I left Hades told me:
“Before you leave, tell your mother that I love her. Got it? Alright now you can go.”
Then I left. I just went back to Mount Olympus felling more confident. Back in my body where I was. Although it was different.
The monster had left, and Ella sat over me crying. Her hands were over her eyes, so she didn’t see me open my eyes.
“Emma? You okay?” I asked her using her real name. And then I took her hands off her eyes. Her eyes were closed.
“Leo?” Ella’s closed eyes opened, “LEO!!” She hugged me and I hugged her back, “But how? I thought you died? Your heart beat stopped.”
“Well, you can come back to life when your a child of Hades!” I told her.
“Shut up!” She said.
“It’s true. He’s my father,” and then we hugged again. “We should get the others and get looking for George. He could be anywhere.”
“Okay,” Ella said and then ran and got the others.
“Lets go get George,” I said then we all ran out of Mount Olympus.”

The End

(of book one)

How do you like it? Please tell me in the comments and also, I won’t be posting till summer or ill just be posting ever like month. Later folks.


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It is I mcfleury (or most known as LTROCKS) makin’ a come back! I will rarely post though… But in the summer I will post more! (:

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Today is my brother Zakary’s 5th Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I made him a origami Michelangelo and gave him some hockey cards for his birthday present. Also I was suppose to get pickletine yesterday but I have to get it today. Anyway, IM STILL GETTING PICKLETINE! Why does it have I be the last origami yoda book! D,: But we will all still be making our own book series, right? Am I right? Oh, never mind!

Here is two pictures of my dog, Nike. Her birthday is June 10th. This is here about 6 to 8 months ago? All I know is that it is here from last year.

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Here is Nike about 1 to 2 months ago. She is licking me!