Everybody comment in the comments comment: Hi Francisco!!!


Franciscos Comment: HI!!! 😀


Yolo from Me

I’m telling you guys to go & click the origami contest page that you might see. Do it. NOW!!! Srry! Wasn’t being mean. I wish I hade a youtube account. That was random!


Hey yo Rockers!!!( now I’m going to call you that!) I haven’t been posting in a while but now I’m going to try to post about 5 posts a week. Or 3 posts? Don’t know? Should I post 1 origami thing a day or more? You diside! Oh plz go to I will be posting my new Sonic the Foldhog story on it. If there are low views I will post the story on this website ( or not?). So yay, the origami thing a day you have to diside on this poll…