Important stuff-so much to say

Ok, Today I have so much to say, so I’m just going to break it down.

1. I forgot to do yesterday’s origami thing for the count down so here it is (oh I will also do todays) My Origami Yoda


and my kirigami (well, maybe origami) creeper


2. I forgot to do this yesterday, so the top 4 origami of the week wave 2



3. People please do my origami contest. I have been waiting and this month is the month of my birthday so pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaase send origami to: and there is no category, well it has to be minecraft or Star Wars origami. So yay. Also please click on the origami contest page.

4. This is a note for StookyLukey. Please stop liking all my posts and pages and stuff it is getting annoying.

5. hi

6. bye

7. hi again

8. You have to go to YouTube, go to search, type in smosh, go to the channel called Smosh, and watch videos. They are fudgin HALARIOUS!!! Tell me in the comments if you have seen any of Smosh’s videos and if you did, if you liked it. If you did then comment: #smosh . Also tell me if I spelled anything wrong because I’m like the worst speller ever. Also this is the world’s longest post. So yay.

Wait one more thing.

9. Plz visit my other blog:

NOW, I’m done. Later. MTFBWY. Merry Christmis. Happy Halloween. New Mexico.



2 thoughts on “Important stuff-so much to say

    • Reply1. Ok
      Reply2. Ok. I called it SF_max rebo’s because that is what he told me to call him.
      Reply3. Ok. You can like stuff but not every thing.

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