August Contest Begins! Soon.

Please enter minecraft origami ,I think, in Camsters Contest. He super stooky!

Camster Origami

Hey guys!

Lots of news today!

I’m giving the Minecraft contest entries until Sunday to be entered! Then, hopefully we’ll have enough entries. Captainorigami, John, and LTROCKS have only entered. But Ella is thinking about entering something, and I hope Foldawan, Xavier, and Zod might too.

We have submissions for episode 3, which I’m glad about! It seems like we have a pretty good start! So I updated the page with them. A bunch of people have been saying “I wrote a chapter but it’s not appearing!” It’s okay. The chapter doesn’t appear, actually. I approve and edit it into the page.

And though we hit it on Saturday… we have reached EIGHT-THOUSAND VIEWS! Thanks guys! Here’s the really cool thing: Exactly 50 different countries have viewed! Wow!

I entered my and Ella’s blogs to the OY blogroll, glad we get to register ours on there. (A big thanks to DarkPalkia for…

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