im sooooooooooooooooooooiooooooo bored

im soooopoooooooioollooooooo bored im not evem correcting any of my mistskrs.

well now I might, but anywhay i really want fan mail or fan origami. Fan-a-gami? Hmmmmmmmmm? Note to self start Fan-a-gami. Anyway, here is my email if you want to do it (please can you).

you are probably like I’m not going to send him pictures or videos or instruction. So if you do send me any of the four things I said (videos, pictures, fan-a-gami, or instructions to origami) I will give you instructions to any of my origami guys I’ve made. You just add at the end of the email who you are (wordpress name) and what origami instructions you want.

Also, (new topic) if you want to see my three origami stop motion animations just in the comments tell me the name of the one you want and your email. Here are your options:

Leonardo Vs. Human/Cad Bane

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Stop Motion: Leonardo

The Avengers

all right that’s all I have for now.



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