I’m comin’ back peepolz!

It is I mcfleury (or most known as LTROCKS) makin’ a come back! I will rarely post though… But in the summer I will post more! (:

There are a few new things about me,

1. I now have glasses! But I’m NOT showing my face.

2. I’m rarely making origami since the OY series ended. ):

3. I’m into PvZ a whole lot more! (: (PvZ is Plants vs Zombie if you didn’t know.)

4. I wrote like 1 chapter more on my new book: The 50-eyed Monster (if you haven’t read it then read it at: http://www.ltrocks3.wordpress.com)

Alright that’s about it. I’ll be checking out blogs now so you might see me on your blog! But before I leave a poll! And something else.


If you have a suggestion,

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Alrightio, gooda bye! (: