July Contest (weird because it is starting in June :P)

So the July Contest starts now. So we have

Captainorigami’s Jawa


Tyler’s Fortune Wookie


SuperFolder_John’s Clones








oy217’s Darth Pleatvan



Now the voting.

In 1 week I will take the top 2 in each and bring them into the next round.


P.S. In the contest 1 it is a Jawa not an Ewok. My mistake. Thanks for correcting me sfsonic12012!

P.P.S. No voting for again and again. (I said PP! :mrgreen: )


I’m sorry

I’m sorry but I just can’t wait for this contest to start so it will start today. Late entry’s will have there own contest. The due date is July 10th for the late entry. The contest will start in a moment.


Where is Darthcjdude? I haven’t seen him in like months! His last comment on this blog was 03/14/2014!! Darthcjdude if you are reading this please come back. Also to the Purple Ninja Studios and your Darthcjdude blog. I’m the only one posting on them now. Please come back. 😦


Great news, the contest is growing and I decided the deadline is not the 20th or 15th of July, it is the 3rd! Voting will be open then or on the 5th (because of the 4 of July. Also, I have found my first origami Sonic and gave it ears and now I have another for a mark I and mark II (by the way the numbers are just an uppercase i). Here they are…

Mark I


Mark II


I don’t have time to color but I will send pictures when they are.


So far

So far I only have Captainorigami’s Jawa: image

Please enter in the contest and people reading this can you get other people to send me origami? You can send origami to: lukas.pruim@gmail.com or in the comments type in a link to a Star Wars Origami character. The due date Is July 20. I changed it because I didn’t know it was so close to July.

It’s my Birthday!

Puppet Wars Sequel

Camster Origami


Well, actually the 27th was my birthday, but close enough!

I got some stooky presents this year! Let me name a few… 2 Amazon gift cards for NHL 15, a cool game called Tiki Toss, a volleyball/badminton set, a SIGNED poster from a NHL player (Hartnell), snorkel gear, all 6 Star Wars episodes, a C3-P0 case for my iPod, a t-shirt that reads “The Dark Side Made Me Do It.” (best excuse ever 😀 ) the Miracle on Ice movie, and (most importantly) peanut butter cups. :mrgreen:

LTROCKS asked what time the sequel starts… cover is revealed tommorrow… and that’s when we start to write!

That reminds me… I decorated my chalkboard and bulletin board… here’s a picture…


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